Speech Quality Evaluation Tool

Speech Quality Evaluation Tool



1. Introduction

Bernhard Schulz and me developed the Speech Quality Evaluation Tool at the University of Kiel in 1997. I was working on my PhD thesis then, and Bernhard was a diploma worker. Under a nice GUI, SQET implements a variety of objective speech quality measures:

Several optional preprocessing stages as e.g.

are also included.

In addition to that, speech samples can analyzed by playing them and by comparing their spectrograms and loudness patterns.

SQET Screenshot

SQET is a nice little program with lots of signal processing algorithms in (e.g. FFTs, Polyphase Filterbanks, FIR and IIR filters, Levinson-Durbin Recursion etc.). If you're really interested about the details, you'll have to read my PhD thesis. But just to play a bit and to get an impression, the information given on these pages should be sufficient. SQET was developed in cooperation with my friends at Deutsche Telekom Berkom in Berlin (hi guys, how are you doing now?) who greatly supported my work technically and financially. Especially I want to thank my good old pal Jens Berger. Commercial usage of SQET is prohibited.

2. Installation

SQET runs under Win95, Win98, WinMe and WinXP. Sorry, but WinNT is not supported.

Just create an appropriate directory, download the package into that directory and extract the files. You'll get an executable, a corresponding Windows-help file and two sample data files representing original (i.dat) and coded/decoded (o.dat) speech. Start the executable, load the two speech files and have fun. The help file should be comprehensive enough to get easily familiar with SQET.

3. Disclaimer

You'll understand that I do not give any guarantees concerning SQET: If you install and/or use it, it's totally at your own risk!

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