Inline Skating

Inline Skating



Markus doing the Spider

Rollerblading - Menace II Society ?

Yes, rollerblading is great fun. Especially on 'black ice'. In my hometown there's an industrial area with really good asphalt. And late in the evening, there's no traffic: No cars, no trucks, almost nothing. Except a cop on a motorbike. And from him you learn that inline skating on roads is prohibited because skates are toys, and with toys you must use the sidewalk. And if you get caught, you'll be fined 10 German Marks (about 5$) - and you are lucky, because this is the maximum fine for pedestrians ... Don't believe me ? Have a look !

Ticket for Rollerblading

Really unbelievable, isn't it! I suppose this can only happen in Germany. At least all my friends and colleagues had great fun when looking at my ticket ...

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